What you thought you knew about us is just the tip of the iceberg.
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Engineered Plastics

A Division of TRIAD

Triad Engineered Plastics

We are a custom plastic injection molder of both the standard and engineering types of plastic resins.  We do insert molding, secondary machining operations, hot stamping, pad printing, and ultrasonic assembly.  Our 20 molding machines have a range from 1 oz. to 36 oz. and 15 to 450 tons, respectively. 


Our silicone products department recently invested in five new, computer controlled molding machines specifically setup to mold "Liquid Silicone".  The material is a two-part component mixture that cures with heat, which will withstand temperatures up to 450°F, and is impervious to almost all chemicals and solvents.  Liquid injection molded silicone offers several key advantages in commercial and medical applications. We can now produce liquid injected molded silicone parts from 1 oz. to 20 oz. in single or multi-cavity tooling.